A day of mixed results

St. Moritz Match Race, stage six of the ISAF World Match Racing Tour, kicked off today in challenging conditions. Team Azzurra of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda earned two victories, against the Swedes Bjorn Hansen and Johnnie Berntsson, and lost three matches, against Australian Adam Minoprio, Torvar Mirsky from New Zealand and Eric Monnin from Switzerland.

Due to the unseasonable cold, as expected the thermal breeze Maloja - which typically blows at 15-20 from late morning to dusk - struggled and the competitors had to tackle very challenging conditions with unstable winds.

Francesco Bruni, skipper of Team Azzurra, commented: “This first day leaves us with a slightly bitter after taste. Especially for the match lost against Monnin, which on paper should have been one of the easier ones. Today the conditions were really hard as the breeze was shifting all over the place. We struggled a bit with the starts, especially right in the last few seconds of the pre-start where we weren't assertive enough and couldn't get a strong control over our opponents. We are certainly feeling the lack of match racing during our long summer break. However, overall I am happy with how things went today, since all the matches were close until the very end and they could all have gone either way. A domani!"

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