Azzurra is out

Team Azzurra, who yesterday had secured a spot in the quarter finals of the Monsoon Cup 2010, today was defeated 3-2 by his rival Jesper Radich from Denmark in a hard fought quarter final series. The day started with the final 2 matches of the Round Robin, sailed in a tricky breeze of 6-12 knots, a strong current and pouring rain: Francesco Bruni and his crew won both their matches against Phil Robertson (NZL) and Bjorn Hansen (SWE). Then Azzurra faced Radich in the quarter finals and here is how it all went according to Bruni: “Unfortunately one more time we lost 3-2 in the quarter finals – this seems to be our curse this year! It’s a tough one to swallow, since this is the fourth time this season that we lose in the quarter finals by 3-2 and today, especially, we had the victory in our hands. In the third match, the toughest to forget, we held Radich under a really tight grip, with a penalty on him and no space at the Committee end of the line… Then we made a silly mistake in calculating the distance to the line and we had to re-enter… so we literally gave away our point to Radich. However, we were able to get our act together quickly after this incident and we won the following match. On 2-2 we didn’t get a very good start and we conceded a small advantage to Radich on the starting line; he did a really good job in consolidating his lead without making any mistakes. Tomorrow we still have to fight for fifth in the overall scorings!”

Ben Ainslie (TEAMORIGIN), Jesper Radich (Gaastra Racing Team), Bjorn Hansen (Hansen Global Team) and Torvar Mirsky (Mirsky Racing Team) are the four skippers who advance to the semifinals.

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